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Companies have to apply to HMRC to register for VAT. It’s a complicated process and it’s common for businesses to make mistakes on their VAT application form.

Honest but common mistakes mean that companies are often faced with VAT penalties. In order to avoid that, it is advisable to seek professional help and we offer that through our online VAT registration service.

Why Do Businesses Need to Register for VAT?

In the UK, companies that have a VAT taxable turnover that exceeds £85,000 need VAT registration. Once you've registered, HMRC sends a VAT registration certificate that confirms your VAT number.

Benefits Of Our Online VAT Registration Service

  • Time-saving and convenient as we provide an online VAT registration service.
  • All documentation sent via email, so there are no delays.
  • No need for you to have to physically go anywhere because the whole process is online, so you are spared any hassle.
  • Because experts manage the process, you can have peace of mind that you won’t suffer the consequences of common mistakes that lead to VAT penalties.

Online VAT Registration: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I charge and pay VAT?

You will need to charge VAT on goods and services provided once you are VAT registered. However, not all goods and services charge 20% VAT, some attract a 5% rate and others attract a zero rate.

You need to know the right VAT rate for your goods and services so you can charge correctly. Find out more from the UK government.

If a transaction is a standard, reduced or zero-rated taxable supply, you need to:

  • charge the correct rate of VAT
  • work out the VAT if a price is shown including or excluding VAT
  • show VAT information on your invoice
  • show the transaction in your VAT account
  • show the amount on your VAT Return

There is output VAT and input VAT. Output VAT is the VAT you charge on your goods or services. Input VAT is the VAT you are charged by a supplier when you make a purchase.

At the end of your VAT period, you will need to add up the total output VAT and subtract the total input VAT. If the difference is positive you need to pay this amount to HMRC, but if the difference is negative, HMRC will pay you the difference.

Any VAT owed needs to be paid one month and seven days after the end of a VAT period.

What is flat rate VAT?

Flat rate VAT would mean a business would pay VAT as a fixed percentage of their annual turnover. This idea is based on the fact that businesses pay roughly the same amount of VAT without having to complete as much paperwork as other VAT schemes.

Rather than calculating VAT by subtracting input VAT from output VAT, businesses keep the difference between the amount of VAT paid to HMRC and the amount of VAT paid by customers. If your annual turnover is £150,000 or less, you can join the flat rate VAT scheme. However, unlike the other VAT schemes, you will not be able to reclaim VAT on purchases, though there are some exceptions for goods and services bought for the business if it’s worth more than £2,000.

If you spend more than 2% of your VAT-inclusive turnover on goods and services which you are charged VAT on by suppliers, but the cash amount on the goods and services is less than £1,000 a year, the Flat Rate VAT is not suitable for your business.

Can I register for VAT even if my turnover is less than £85,000 a year?

Yes. You can still register for VAT if your annual turnover is less than £85,000.

Why should I register for VAT?

If you are VAT registered, you can claim back VAT that your company paid over the previous four years for any goods still used and for the previous six months on any services.

If your business supplies zero-rated goods and services you are able to claim back the VAT you pay each quarter.

Many VAT registered businesses and public sector organisations prefer to deal with VAT registered suppliers, so you could get more business.

Are there any disadvantages to being VAT registered?

If you do business with any VAT registered businesses, they will not be able to claim back VAT purchases they have made from you. This would put you at a disadvantage if you’re competing against other VAT-registered businesses.

What is the annual accounting VAT scheme?

Instead of completing a VAT return every quarter, the annual accounting VAT scheme allows businesses to make quarterly or monthly payments towards their annual VAT bill, while only submitting one VAT return a year.

To join the scheme your turnover must be less than £1.35m and you cannot have left the scheme in the past 12 months. You would not be able to join the scheme if you are not up to date with your VAT payments, VAT returns, or if you are insolvent.

If you stop being eligible or reach a turnover of more than £1.6 million, you will have to leave the scheme.

For help and advice on VAT registration, please contact Clever Company Formations at

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What's Included

  • Completion of VAT registration form VAT01 - Clever Company Formations will consult with you to complete the form and will email it over for you to sign. Once signed, the completed form needs to be returned to us either by post or email.
  • Submission of VAT01 form – We will submit the form to the relevant department to ensure you receive your VAT registration number as quickly as possible – this should be sent to you by HMRC within 10 working days but during busy times could take up to a month.
  • Application to join a specialist scheme - If you decide your business would benefit from joining either the Flat Rate Scheme, Annual Accounting Scheme, or the Annual Accounting Scheme plus the Flat Rate Scheme, Clever Company Formations can make the application on your behalf.
  • Confirmation you have joined an alternative scheme – Once your application to join one of the specialist schemes has been approved you will receive notification directly from HMRC within 10 working days.

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