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Dormant companies - those who have not traded within the current financial year - are only by law required to submit a simplified version of accounts. Using our dormant company accounts service makes it easy to do just that.

Benefits Of Us Acting As Your Dormant Company Accountant

  • A fuss-free and convenient way of submitting dormant company accounts.
  • All documentation sent to you via email.
  • No need for you to have to physically go anywhere because the whole process is online, so you save time.

Once the AA01 form is submitted, we let you know via email, and once we have received confirmation from Companies House that they are satisfied with the completed AA01 form, we email you to let you know that your company has met the necessary requirements.

We are able to prepare and file Dormant Company Accounts for a business that has never traded within 2 working days. If your company has traded previously but is now dormant, the process may take a day longer so we advise you to get in touch with us at least 5-7 working days before the accounts are due.

Dormant Company Accounts: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dormant company?

A dormant company is considered to be a business that has not traded within the current financial year i.e. it has had ‘no significant accounting transactions’ during the financial year. Possible reasons for this include it being a new startup, a company that paused trading due to restructuring, owner illness, or whatever reason.

Why should I file Dormant Company Accounts?

Dormant Company Accounts provide a significant benefit because they reduce the statutory burden of filing profit and loss accounts as well as a director’s report.

How does Companies House define a company that is not dormant?

Both Companies House and HMRC will consider a business to be not dormant if the business has settled an invoice, or paid dividends, employees or bank charges during the last 12 months. If this is the case, you will be required to file normal annual accounts to Companies House and to make a full Company Tax submission to HMRC.

Do I also need to notify HMRC if my company is dormant?

Yes, you should if you want to avoid completing an annual tax return.

Will I be fined if my dormant company accounts are late?

Yes. For late dormant company accounts, Companies House will fine you £100. This penalty rises to £375 after one month, £750 after three months, and £1,500 if the accounts are more than 6 months late. If your accounts are late for more than one year in a row, these fines will be doubled.

You should know that Companies House will not consider an appeal to have fines against your company dropped because the company is dormant.

Please note: Clever Company Formations cannot take responsibility for any penalties or fines for late accounts if your order was not submitted to us at least 3 working days prior to the due date.

What information is required to submit Dormant Company Accounts?

Clever Company Formations will need this information: name of the company, company number, authentication code (sent by Companies House to your registered business address), share capital, and the name of one of the company directors. However, if you used Clever Company Formations to incorporate your business, we will already have this information on file.

For help and advice on filing Dormant Company Accounts, please contact Clever Company Formations at

Get It Now £88.00 +VAT

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How Else Can We Help Your Business Thrive?

Need a director’s privacy address?


Director Office Address

Companies House legally require all directors of UK companies and partners of LLPs to register an address for the public record. In addition, any legal documents from Companies House or HMRC are sent to them at the address provided.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that a director’s privacy address in London is purchased.

However, many directors choose to provide their residential address but they are not aware of the consequences of having it listed publicly and accessible by anyone.

As a result, not only is their personal safety at risk, but so are their mailboxes which may become flooded with spam.

We offer a director’s privacy address that serves to maintain your privacy.

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